If you are
a member of an organization which sponsors a
group legal plan, you usually pay nothing more
than what the organization charges you to
belong. If your employer offers legal services as
part of its employee assistance program (EAP),
you would pay for specific legal services over
and above what the benefit provides. Prepaid
legal plans may cost as little as $70 per year
per member and as much as $400 per year. For
the $70 per year plan, a member may receive
some advice and consultation plus a few very
limited services but must pay directly for
services like a divorce or the defense of an
eviction. For the $400 plan member, nearly
every conceivable legal problem, whether a civil
or criminal proceeding, can be covered. More
comprehensive prepaid plans that serve non-employment groups, e.g., credit unions, cost
between $12 and $25 per month for benefits
that are somewhat more modest than those
offered as fringe benefits. Type I access plans
are usually marketed at between $9 and $12
per month.


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