How are Lawyers Involved?

How are Lawyers Involved?

Plan lawyers are
often the ‘front line’ for legal plan members. In
order to provide appropriate help and ensure
client satisfaction, it is critical that these service
providers fully understand what legal services
are covered and how the legal plan operates.
Most legal plans have a contractual
arrangement with lawyers in private practice
who provide the legal services to serve their
members’ needs.

Many plans use a broad panel of lawyers
located throughout the area where plan
members live and work to provide covered
services. Other plans use one law firm or a
small group of law firms in each state to
efficiently provide some basic benefits, such as
legal advice by telephone and other non-complex legal work. Some plans in which the
geographic concentration of plan members
(such as those working in a large industrial
plant) have set up special legal service offices,
with salaried lawyers who work exclusively for
plan members. However, if members live far
from the plant or in adjacent states, it may be
necessary to have a group of private law firms
in each area under contract to provide services
to those plan members.


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